This is your blog, it is an opportunity to practice what we have studied in classes.


Activities to read

Present, past and future tense exercises

Listening activity

Reflexive pronouns

English classes. Duolingo




Choose your readings

Activities to do

Study by yourself. Estudia solito

Conditional 3

Tag questions 1

Tag questions 2

Tag questions 3

Tag questions 4

Vocabulary about food.

Video about cooking

Practice for the evaluation 1

Practice for the evaluation 2

Practice for the evaluation 3

Practice for the evaluation 4

Practice for the evaluation 5

Activities to evaluate

Examen virtual de inglés

A million readings

Listening III term 2018

Sreenshot of the results to

(son 7 preguntas)


(Por favor, escucha: A good night sleep y At the library, realiza los cuestionarios, toma pantallazos de los resultados, escribe tu nombre y grado y envíalos al correo: hasta marzo 23 a las 6:00 p.m.)


32 responses to “NINTH

  1. ok, students in the afternoon, we already chose the song and the winner is: have you ever really loved a woman?, don´t forget next tuesday you are going to song it!

  2. hello teacher. my opinion for the second period i like the song have you ever really loved a woman..

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