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IELTS 2 Listening Test 1

Listening to songs and news


English classes: Duolingo

Practice present and past tenses

Holidays and festivals vocabulary

Practice sentences in past tense

Listening activity

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hasta el sábado 4 de abril.

Practica para la evaluación final

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Comparatives and superlatives

Exercises with future tense

Every, some, any, no

Future tense: Will, be going to

Check your English level

85 responses to “EIGHTH

    • Hello teacher. the song seems very nice, romantic,sentimental and i also like the voice of the man who is singing. and above all too easy to learn it.

    • hola profesora soy juan pablo me gusta lo de el articulo y espero que me ayudes este periodo teacher por que yo quiero mejorar ya que comense mal con tigo gracias chao.

    • it perishes me very beautiful the cansion and already almost memorize it all nomas I lack some pedasos and already …. 😀

    • Hello teacher I enjoyed the games that are IN THE BLOG I HOPE TO PUT MANY MORE YOU CAN PLAY AND LEARN

    • hOLAA PROFE.. HOY TRABAJE EN Put the verb in brackets into Future (will or going to).
      Y Tambien En Los Juegoss Muchisimas Gracias Portodo Y Por La Oportuninda Que Nos Esta Dando

    • -Hola profesora, los juegos me hiciste conocer más sobre algunos significados que desconocia, estuvieron muy buenos los juegos me parecieron divertidos y fáciles de aprender, ¡El que me gusto más fue la ruleta!.

      -Hello teacher Olga, the games are good because they made me learn more English meanings the which I liked most was the roulette.

      CÓD: 07

  1. the comment above’m bad teacher
    what he meant was that I liked the song for which I can learn a little more verbs

  2. without belittling others blogs.
    This blog is the best teacher.
    on behalf of my friends and I, we thank you because they bundle with this blog.
    Not only can study and learn in, but we can also discuss and practice our English.
    thank a teacher.

  3. La canción es muy bonita y original . me gusto mucho y le enseña cosas muy interesantes a uno que le sirven para aprender cosas nuevas

  4. Hello I found very interesting teacher the song is very beautiful and have inspired me to sing, also professor let us hope that the song that you recommended it.

  5. teacher took two days listening to the song and it’s easy but also difficult because there are parts that are hard but I like the message of the song is beautiful

  6. Teacher, the song is nice and isteresting because its lyrics are beautiful and i enjoyed listening it!!!

  7. teacher, the song is very beautiful, although I bring feelings of sadness at the tragedy that happened on that boat.
    but anyway this song is very pretty.

  8. teacher,Beautiful love song . Titanic, winner of 11 Academy Awards. including Best Picture. I remember when I saw the movie for the first time I cried with excitement for two reasons: 1. – For the love story 2. – For the tragedy that killed thousands.

  9. teacher I found very interesting the song that has left us in this blog because commemorates all those who died in this tragedy.
    thank you very much for sharing this video.

  10. It’s a very beautiful song which he moves the heart and feelings to anyone.

  11. Professor the song is very nice but a bit long but I will do everything possible to learn it and be the first and preferred always sing …… thanks!

  12. teacher is very nice this song also has a very nice message.
    as I am a fan of michael jackson I share this song that also has a very nice letter:

  13. Hello beautiful Teacher i have a question:
    Where is the Test than you said the last class for prove the english level?
    Thanks for you attention 😀

  14. Hello, I´m worry you cannot post your comments, you need an e-mail. Please, send your comments in English.

  15. My name is Steve and this is my family tree. My father is Freney. He works as a baker and lives in Palmyra. Navy and my mother is a housewife. I have a younger brother and a student.

    Degree: 8-1

  16. hola ticher me paresio bueno los juegos de ingles me encantaron, aprendi otras cosas y me gusto mas la que es quien quiere ser millonario gracias y subire mas mi nota chao andres camilo conde rodriguez 8-1

  17. hello teacher, thank you for learning methods as good as it has allowed me to understand this a little more and learn new vervos easily.

  18. hello teacher because I was playing some games in one I did well in the other two bad but I loved it .. I liked the most was pets vocabulary

  19. hello teacher
    I played in the blog and I loved it. because I played the first three games I was wrong and the other two as well you can say that rather the game that I liked most was insects vocabulary and halloween vocabulary..

  20. hello teacher:
    between the blog today, and I played action verbs memory game that I found very interesting to be easier aprenderce verbs and refresher to develop our learning more with these methods you give us the easier we can understand English.

    Jose Armando Mur —- 8-1

  21. hello teacher
    I liked this game because it seemed very bacano because it teaches us to learn prayers fitting each and every prayer and spent Hundimos submit to another level and is called sentence monkey


  22. hello teacher ,work in the blog today. enjoyment of the games, was very interesting and I learned a lot of verbs easily

  23. hello teacher because I enjoy games with them can help me, I liked the pronouns of mejrorar I was great to win the year, I will play every day to learn a little more thanks for the support
    degree 8-1

  24. hello teacher because I enjoy games with them can help me, I liked the pronouns of mejrorar I was great to win the year, I will play every day to learn a little more thanks for the support
    studen andres camilo conde
    degree 8-1

  25. hello teacher because I enjoy games with them can help me, I liked the pronouns of mejrorar I was great to win the year, I will play every day to learn a little more thanks for the support
    studen andres camilo conde
    degree 8-1

  26. the games are very interesting, but liked the ferris wheel. because there studying and playing learn to form sentences with case. thanks

  27. los juegos están muy interesantes,pero me ha gustado la rueda de la fortuna. porque allí aprendo estudiando y jugando a formar oraciones con facilidad.
    gracias 8-1

  28. the gemas are very interesting, but I liked the Ferris wheel. because there studying and playing learn to form sentences with ease.
    thanks 8-1

  29. professional hi sorry was repeated many comments because I could not, all the games are also chevere of Slumdog Millionaire because I’m learning resources and games with them I will win, I will try harder to get ahead thanks
    andres student count
    Gradee 8-1

  30. april 3 2103 4: 57 pm
    hi teacher seemed very good in the games the hanged almost did not make in but in that of colors game sentence monkey but i found them every funny thanks

  31. pretty good song before I did not like but I loved it so much I hope to hear me singing well with berry

  32. teacher, found me very good and amusing
    the video of summer nights hopes it is not so difficult to memorize it 😛

  33. teacher the video is very interesting and exciting as life teaches us these actors
    att wilson rodriguez 8-2
    jornada tarde

  34. hello teacher, I feel so cool games because they learn faster and is a better way to learn the vervos easier.

  35. hola profe realice 10 actividades del presente simple y pasado simple, tuve errores pero de ellos aprendí.

    Sharony Díaz Libreros

    8-1. Mañana

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